How Can I Sell My House Fast?

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People often ask two questions when they want to put their homes on the market: how can I make the most money and how can I sell my house fast?  While the price of your home is often dependent on the market and its condition, there are some ways to control the speed with which you sell your house. We can’t guarantee that you will sell your home quickly, but you can take a few steps to increase your odds of success.  Here’s what you need to know about selling your home fast. 

#1) Evaluate Your Flexibility With the Listing Price

The worst way to sell your house is to be completely inflexible with the listing price. You don’t have to immediately accept the first offer that comes in, but it helps to remember that people will negotiate. You may have to accept a lower offer than you want in order to move the house quickly.  Determine what your floor price is for negotiations and make sure that your Realtor® works to get above this. Being open to negotiation can go a long way to keep buyers interested so you can sell your home faster.   Read More: How Much Is My House Worth? 4 Ways to Find Out

#2) Work on Your Curb Appeal

If your home needs work, you may isolate some buyers who don’t want to spend their first six months remodeling, repairing, and upgrading. Update your curb appeal to make your home more welcoming and prepare your home to sell fast. You can even look at the steps people take when flipping a home to get an idea of how to do it effectively. This includes choosing neutral interior paint colors and updating a few basic appliances. The goal is to give potential buyers more reasons to say yes, instead of no.  Read More: Invest in Curb Appeal to Sell Your Home Quicker and for More Money

#3) Invest in Marketing Materials

Go the extra mile to make your home look appealing and stand out in a competitive market.  Have professional photos taken (during the day and at dusk) and look into new technology like virtual tours and house videos. Your Realtor® can also make professional fliers and brochures about the house.  Humans are highly visual. If your home doesn’t look good then they won’t be interested in it – and that includes the home promotional materials. 

#4) Make Your Home Available to Buyers

Some homes are easier to show than others. Some homeowners want the Realtor® to be there, expect 24-hours notice to see it, and limit the days and times when the home is available.  While you may be busy and think these limitations keep your home safe, you are actually driving away buyers and slowing the home selling process. When you limit your showings, fewer people will see your home. Your potential buyers will go somewhere else and find another home.  This doesn’t mean you need to open your door for anyone who walks up, but try to be more flexible with showings when Realtors® request them. 

#5) Consider Cash Offers

When you put your house on the market, you may receive cash offers that are lower than you would like. Some of these are scams, but a few may be reputable. There are also various apps and startups that claim to buy your house for cash within a few days.  There are significant pros and cons to cash offers. The main con is the lower sale price. However, if you are looking to sell your house fast, this is one option to do it. 

#6) Hire a Realtor® Who Understands Your Priorities

A Realtor® can significantly speed up the home selling process. They can market your home, host open houses, and get your house out there for people to see. The more people who see your house, the more likely someone will want to buy it.  While you can market your house on your own and sell it as a for sale by owner, your Realtor® can allow you to focus on other things while making the process faster.  There are likely dozens of Realtors® in your area, but do they know what is best for you? Make sure you work with a Realtor® who clearly understands your priorities. Be clear about your goals to sell your home fast and discuss other options in regard to moving and pricing. Your Realtor® isn’t a mind reader, you need to tell them what you want. 

Try Effective Agents and Work with the Right People

If you want to find a top Realtor® to help you sell your home, check out Effective Agents Use our data-focused algorithm and set clear criteria for what you want. Let our potential Realtors® know you want to sell your house fast, so they can get moving to put your house on the market. The right resources and people are essential for a smooth home selling process.

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