Best Interior Paint Colors to Help Sell Your House

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When it comes to selling a home quickly, some of the biggest deterrents are not using a top-selling realtor®, overpricing the house, and according to Better Homes and Garden, the lack of neutral tones in the décor of the home. While your home may have many amazing features that make it a sound investment, some buyers have a difficulty seeing beyond the present flooring, furniture, and wall colors. Your primary goal is to increase the sale price and timeliness of a sale, so it is important to use the best realtors in your area to help and follow a few essential tips for preparing your home. Homes that are put on the market should be as marketable as possible. So that means in addition to de-cluttering, the paint colors of the walls should enhance the space. In general, darker tone colors should always be avoided in almost all rooms.


The kitchen is one of the only rooms in a home that the use of bright colors can work. Much of the decision around what color to use should focus on the color of the appliances, flooring, and cabinets. In addition to the lighter shades, a pale yellow can work out quite nicely in a kitchen if the flooring or appliances feature a pale-yellow accent. When it comes to other colors such as red or grey tones, these can work only if the room is accented with white cabinets and light flooring with grey or red accents. If your room appears too dark, buyers will either walk away or look to discount the sale price to include the cost of renovating the kitchen.


Bathrooms are best when they are light-colored. Bathrooms are personal care spaces, so it is essential that the wall tones be neutral. This is another room where a pale yellow may work, but the best colors for a bathroom are off white, beige, and cream-colored tones. Unusual colors and even specific pastel colors such as pink, blue, and green in a bathroom can be a significant deterrent for some buyers.

Living Room

Traditionally, the lighter colors of white, light beige, and ivory are best for a living room. These are considered neutral tones that help living room space feel expansive and less constricting. Darker paint tones make rooms feel more confined and can cause a buyer that is looking for a move-in ready home to go elsewhere.


Almost all bedrooms should be light tones when a house goes up for sale. While using pale pastels is not uncommon in homes, buyers may have other uses for the rooms than the seller. Some buyers may not be compelled to put an offer in if they must paint the bedrooms in order to accommodate their preferences.

Family Room

Light tones, beige, and tans are best in a family room. Beige and creams can work out well if there are other wood tones in the room. Otherwise, off white and ivory work best. While picking the right paint colors for the sale of your home is important, there are many other vital tips to improve the chances of a quick and profitable sale. With referral service, home sellers can readily find the perfect realtor® to market their home properly and guide sellers in the best way they can enhance their sales price. Photo Credit: pexels-curtis-adams-3773579

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