Invest in Curb Appeal to Sell Your Home Quicker and for More Money

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First Impressions are EVERYTHING when selling your home. According The National Association of Realtors®, 63% of buyers will drive by a listing if they like it online. Most likely, if you are ready to put your home on the market you have probably made some pretty impressive changes to the interior look of your home. In order for buyers to feel a desire to go inside, they'll have to like what they see on that initial drive-by. That's why it is so important to invest in curb appeal, it will help you sell your home faster and for the most money.

Fresh Coat Of Paint

First and foremost, nothing cleans up the exterior of a home quite like a coat of fresh paint. It is suggested to choose a neutral color (think grays, tan, even white) that will be pleasing to the masses as well as go with the tone of your home overall. It is also very important to never underestimate the power of an accent color for a front door. Going with a different color door can help your home really stand out, as well as compliment the neutrality of the home color.

Update Landscaping

A very inexpensive way to spice up curb appeal is to freshen up the landscaping. Keep the grass mowed, even if you have already moved out of the home. Nothing will push future buyers in the opposite direction quite like overgrown weeds and an unkept yard. Cutting back the trees and shrubbery can help home buyers get a cleaner view of the home. Filling in garden beds with fresh mulch and even adding some fresh flowers around the exterior and near the door makes for a much more inviting environment.

Quick Fixes

Be sure to do a thorough overview of your homes entire exterior. Take note of any shutters that need tightening, missing window screens, out of place items or hanging gutters. These may seem minor in the scheme of things but could make a difference in offer price from any future buyers.


Although new windows can be hefty investment, they will really be something that stands out. Not only will they be pleasing to the eye, but newer windows tend to be much more energy efficient and can make a very large impression on potential buyers. It is also quite simple to add accents such as shutters or window flower boxes to make a big difference to the look of the home. They may seem like small unnecessary changes but can make a very positive impression on a home buyer.

Miscellaneous Items To Think About

Be mindful of how "lived in" your home appears from the street. Although buyers know this may be a family home, it is nice to keep it tidy. Be sure to clean up miscellaneous items like bikes, kids toys, have any current at home projects put away in a shed or out of view. Also, small updates such as a new mailbox, pavers, even door hardware can make a huge difference in the overall look of the home. These minor details won't break the bank and will help with the appearance of your home. Curb appeal is of huge importance when you need to sell your home as quickly as possible. This is the first thing potential buyers will see and will largely determine if they choose to put their own time and energy in viewing the rest of the home. Taking the time and making the investment in your home's exterior will really help you sell it faster and for the more money.

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