How to Find a Realtor® Who Is a Perfect Fit for Your Needs 

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When you look to find a Realtor®, you’ll quickly realize the real estate profession is incredibly diverse. Realtors® work within specific niches and specialize in unique client bases and home type. Some Realtors® sell condos to newly retired residents, while others work with first-time homebuyers to navigate the whole process. Unfortunately, a simple Google search won’t tell you these nuances. You might read dozens of reviews where clients rave about the work of a Realtor® without ever knowing what neighborhoods or markets they work in. There has to be an easier way. At Effective Agents, we developed a process where buyers and sellers can find a Realtor® with just one search.  You no longer need to sort through dozens of profiles and reviews. Just tell us what you want, and we can find a Realtor® for you. Here’s how it works.

Find Your Ideal Realtor® In One Simple Search

Through the Effective Agents search process, it only takes a few minutes to find a Realtor® that is a perfect fit for you. We provide one form to fill out where you explain your current situation, needs, and home sale goals. Our algorithm then reviews this information and provides a list of top Realtors® who might make a good fit. We use multiple touchpoints to determine which Realtors® would work best with certain clients. These are based on sales history, specialties, and experience with certain neighborhoods and homes. Once the algorithm identifies a few top choices, you will see our top three results. You can review the credentials of these agents and schedule meetings through our system to discuss your home sale or buying needs. Our goal is to take the burden off of you when choosing a Realtor®.  Instead of reading reviews and checking profiles to determine whether a real estate agent meets your needs, you tell our system what you need and we will find the top Realtors® for you. There is less work on your part, and the whole search process is exponentially faster.

Use Data-Driven Insights to Find a Realtor® Right for You

Effective Agents was founded on the belief that you shouldn’t have to blindly pick a real estate agent to work with. Even if you interview a few candidates, you can still miss out on a top prospect by choosing an agent that has a big marketing budget but little results. Additionally, a busy or popular agent isn’t always your best bet. You might not get the personal attention that you need to sell your home or get a good deal. Buying a home is a major life step, and you deserve to work with someone who can do the best job possible. This is why we turned to data. We knew that numbers are more reliable than human biases, so our team started developing an algorithm for home buyers and sellers. For years, we fed our system data to help it better understand the real estate market. In 2009, we started offering our service with rankings for Realtors® by their sales performance. Since then, our system has only grown smarter. Home sellers that used Effective Agents to find a Realtor® beat the national average by $16,349 more than what other homes in the area were selling for. 

Don’t Rely on Referrals Alone

Along with Google searches, many people ask friends and family for Realtor® referrals. This often seems like a smart way to find a Realtor®. After all, you trust your friends. However, referrals often put home buyers or sellers in uncomfortable situations where they need to balance friendships with professional relationships. The Realtor® your friend recommends might not be a good fit for your needs. If the Realtor® is your friend, they might not offer the same quality service because they are more relaxed in your relationship. We welcome customers to reach out to friends and referrals when looking for a Realtor®. However, we also recommend comparing these referrals to your top three picks in our system. This way you can objectively see how these referrals stack up and which options are best for selling or buying a home.

Test Out Our System to Find a Realtor® Near You

The only way to know whether Effective Agents offers the best system to find a Realtor® is to try it. The system is free for buyers and sellers to use, and it will only take a few minutes for you to fill out our questionnaire to tell us about your needs. Give our system a try and see if the Realtors® we select stack up against the competition and if the process is significantly easier than vetting real estate agents online. We’re happy to help you easily find a Realtor® that works for you. Photo credit: gabriel-beaudry-WuQME0I_oZA-unsplash

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