Skip The "Realtors Near Me" Search If You Want To Find The Best Agent

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More than 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine and 81% of customers conduct research online before making a major purchase. This is true with the home buying or selling process. The first thing many people do it search for “realtors near me.” Unfortunately, a generic search phrase will result in generic search results, and you might not end up with the best possible resource for the home buying process. Here’s why you should step away from Google and use better sources if you’re looking for a Realtor® to help you buy or sell your home.   

Google Doesn’t Know Who the Best Realtor® Is

The keyword “realtors near me” yields more than 1.43 billion results. It is a commonly searched keyword by customers and a hotly fought over search term for real estate agents across the world. As a search engine, it is in Google’s best interest to show listings that appeal to the most people possible and their algorithm does a reasonable job of ranking those 1.4 billion pages. While Google might narrow the listings based on your geographic location, it doesn’t know the type of agent you want and the kind of space you want to sell. There are dozens of factors that go into choosing a Realtor®, and their office location is only one of them.   Google will show you the agents in your area who put the most effort into getting noticed through search -- not necessarily the best Realtor® for you. It might recommend a major real estate team that works with hundreds or even thousands of clients at a time, meaning the attention they give to you is minimal. Their strong marketing budget means you will see their listing, when the Realtor® you actually need to work with is smaller and better dedicated to your needs. You wouldn’t just search for “restaurants near me” if you wanted catering for a specific event or craved a certain type of food. So why do you search for “Realtors near me” when you have so much more criteria to sort through before you hire someone?   

EffectiveAgents Knows Who the Best Realtor® Is

Instead of a simple Google search, where too many keywords confuse the search engine, Effective Agents has an algorithmic process that uses multiple data points to connect Realtors® with your goals. You start by filling out a simple form. This takes less than a minute and gives you space to discuss your specific needs and goals with our team. Once the form is complete, our system gets to work. The algorithm reviews your goals and compares them to thousands of Realtors® in our database. The top Realtors® that come up have significant experience levels in your area, with your home type, and with your needs. Each request we receive initiates a sort of auction, where the platform ranks agents based on the number of similar transactions in your market, the speed in which they've sold those homes, how effectively they've negotiated when representing the buyer and other factors...there really isn't a better way to search.

A Better Realtor® Means Better Results

Taking a few extra minutes to use a trusted source to find a Realtor® means you'll notice better results and have a more positive experience than if you went with the first name that pops up in a search engine. And in the world of real estate, that translates to saving time and money. Our clients were able to achieve an increased price of $16,349* over the national average sale price of existing homes. This is what happens when you pair home buyers and sellers with the right Realtors® for their needs based on actual sales data and key performance ratios.   Additionally, our system allows consumers to find an agent who doesn’t need to spend time learning about the market and their home’s unique features...they hit the ground running. They are already familiar with the dynamics of your market. Finding a Realtor® is like finding a significant other. You want a problems solver, someone who is compatible with you that know's their stuff, not a fast-talker.  

Skip the “Realtors Near Me” Search. Find a True Top Ranked Agent.

If you’re looking to sell your house  or just want to find something that matches your needs, skip the “realtors near me” Google search. Turn to a source that provides high-quality information instead. Use Effective Agents to narrow down the list of Realtors® in your area.  By utilizing our system, you'll find experienced professionals who have a tremendous amount of experience selling homes like yours. We’re confident that you won’t find anything better on Google.

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