Do's And Dont's For Uploading Listing Photos

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When it is time to sell your home, you must obtain the best professional help available. The first line of business is to hire the most qualified agent possible who knows a real estate photographer to take listing photos sure to get fast results. When it is time to find the perfect realtor®, you will need some help. Considering the amount of money at stake, it is important to review a realtor's background to find the best possible agent to represent your interests.

Why Listing Photos Are So Important

HGTV claims that 80 percent of homebuyers begin their home shopping online. If you don't get a buyer's attention online with the photos you post, then there is a chance they will never visit your home. That's how critical the photos are. RISMedia reports that high-quality photos speed up the sale of a home by 32 percent. Selling faster is always the goal. When homes sit on the market too long, the sales price tends to go down as the perceived value of the home lessens with time. Professionals recognize the importance of closing the deal as fast as possible. A top-selling realtor® has the contacts sellers need to get the job done. The best realtors® have a team of top-performing professionals they can turn to for every part of the process.

Listing Photo Do's

While it is important to hire a professional photographer, you need to also be able to know whether all the photos are acceptable. Being a knowledgeable seller is the best way to protect your interests. 1. Remember, the more photos you have the better. 2. Each room should look bright with as much natural light as possible. 3. Stage the home so it is obvious what each room's purpose is. 4. Emphasize the most flattering feature in every room. 5. Add color to photos as a way to make them pop. 6. Take pictures at dusk for some dramatic shots. 7. Be sure there are a lot of photos to select from, then post only the best. 8. De-clutter counter-tops in the home for the best photographs.

Listing Photo Dont's

1. Don't take dark pictures without enough light. 2. Beware of pictures taken at awkward angles that make the room look small. 3. Out of focus photos should never be posted online. 4. Never post photos that make the home look less than positive. 5. Leave family pets out of photos. 6. Never post photos with the TV turned on.


Smart sellers recognize the importance of hiring the best agent they can find. In order to do this, you have to evaluate a realtor's background. This information is not going to be found on their personal website. That's where Effective Agents comes in handy. can help you find the best agent available. Call (855) 472-9275 today or go to for more information. Photo Credit: fran-hogan-t-Yatdo406c-unsplash

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