How Do You Know If Your Agent Is Doing The Most For You?

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Real estate agents are a valuable asset to house hunters, but many people often feel like their agent isn't delivering. If you've been working with your housing agent for a while and have yet to find your new place, the problem may lie in your realtor. Does this mean they are entirely ill-equipped for their job? Not necessarily. It could be a matter of poor communication, or you and your agent simply might not be the right fit.

They Make Promises They Can't Keep

Agents should always be realistic and honest with their clients. If a realtor immediately tells you that they can find you your dream home without discussing logistics, you're going to wind up disappointed. Your budget, financial history, and credit score are three major factors that affect your options. The right agent will make sure that they fully understand your situation before they show you anything.

They Don't Listen to Your Requests

Your agent schedules an open house, and you are eager to see what they've picked out. Surely they'll be able to pick a place that suits your style. But the property has nothing on your checklist, and you leave wondering how your agent even fathomed that house would be right for you. If an agent frequently shows you properties that are the opposite of what you've specified, then it's time to have a serious talk. They may be pushing homes they only want to sell, or they just haven't fully grasped your non-negotiables.

They Don't Offer Advice

Good agents will go out of their way to keep you in-the-loop. You'll be gently encouraged to explore properties you may not have once considered. They will be forthcoming with information, explain their choices and make you feel like you're really included in the home-buying process.

Tips to Find a Good Real Estate Agent

Meeting the right agent might feel akin to finding a needle in a haystack, but doing your research makes the process much easier. You can find local real estate agents by using a site like Effective Agents because we do all the work for you. We'll find you top producing Realtors® in your area, using our proprietary algorithm for a perfect match.  RELATED CONTENT: How to Understand Your Local Housing Market 

Questions to Ask

Interviews are the best way to screen an agent and determine whether or not they'll be a good fit for you. Some of the best questions to bring up when you're meeting an agent for the first time are:
  • What is your average list-to-price ratio?
  • How long are most of your properties on the market?
  • What was your toughest sale, and how did you handle it?
  • Have you sold many properties in my price range?
  • What is the ratio between your buyers and sellers?
Let Effective Agents do all the work for you! We can help home buyers and sellers find the best real estate agents in your city based on sales performance and credentials.

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