The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Home Owner’s Association (HOA)

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When it comes to purchasing a home, they may be nothing as contentious as a homeowner's association. Some people swear against the concept of an HOA; however, this type of organization can provide benefits that other homeowners prefer. In this article, we will present to you the drawbacks and benefits of considering a neighborhood with a Home Owner's Association. 

Drawbacks of a Homeowner's Association

The obvious negatives associated with joining a homeowner's association is that you have to pay a fee to become and remain a member. Furthermore, there may be many rules by which you must abide if you want to remain in good standing with the HMA. This can stifle a homeowner's creativity and create a "cookie cutter" community. Homeowners may need to seek permission from the HOA board before making changes to their property. Additionally, an HOA may charge fees to property owners who do not follow the regulations, as stated in the guidebook. Occasionally, zealous members of a homeowner's association or on the board may harass homeowners who do not abide by the rules.

Benefits of an HOA

Although there can be disadvantages to joining a homeowner's association, there are also advantages that make an HOA worth it for buyers. HOAs use feeds to provide amenities such as swimming pools, athletic courses and courts, and community gates. These features not only provide entertainment for residents but also improve the look of the community. Furthermore, homeowner's associations raise the value or homes and keep properties as a premium value by reducing the likelihood that a single property can bring down the value of the properties around it. This is reassuring to buyers who will one day want to sell their home. Finally, members of a homeowner's association may be able to contribute to the guidelines required in the HOA contract.

Who's the Best Fit for a Homeowner's Association?

Buyers who want to be assured that their community will appear nice and that their property will retain its value may find the small sacrifices required by an HOA to be acceptable. On the other hand, people who have issues complying with rules or who want to express their creative sides through the appearance of the property are not the best fit for a homeowner's association. Fortunately, there are plenty of properties that exist both within and outside of HOAs. Contact Effective Agents to find your perfect match! RELATED CONTENT: Pros and Cons of an HOA Every Buyer Should Consider

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