5 Sustainable Home Improvements That Add Value to a House

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More buyers are looking for sustainable homes than ever before. This is great news for home sellers, who can make their homes more appealing with a few small upgrades. Also, sustainable home improvements have a higher resale value than others so it can bring in a higher price for the seller. If you’re considering adding a few environmentally-friendly features to your home, check out a few of these top options that will increase your home value while making your space more environmentally friendly.

#1) Add a Tankless Water Heater

If your water heater needs to be replaced, you can throw the old tank out and replace it with a new one, or you can move on to a tankless model. A traditional water heater holds several gallons of water in a constantly heated state. Meanwhile, a tankless only heats water when you need it by running the water over hot coils before it enters your pipes. The tankless option can lower your energy bills because you’re not constantly heating water that you’re not using. Not only does the tankless water heater have an immediate return on investment for your energy bills, but it also frees up space. Some homeowners find they have a whole extra closet of space just because they don’t need the big tank any more – increasing the allure to buyers even more.

#2) Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances

Updating your kitchen appliances can give your home a modern feel and increase your property values. Not only that, these appliances have to follow top energy guidelines to limit waste or water and electricity. You have two choices to replace your appliances. You can wait for the older ones to break and replace them with energy-efficient models, or you can replace all of your outdated appliances at once as part of your preparations to put the house on the market. While you’re updating your appliances, consider replacing your faucets with energy-efficient taps to save water and give your space a new look.

#3) Replace Your Old Garage Door

Updating your garage door to a sustainable version can have a big impact on the environment while significantly improving your resale value. Experts estimate that homeowners can get an average of 90% return on investment when replacing a garage door that costs around $1,800. There are many ways that a modern garage door can improve a home’s environmental impact. Look for ethically-sourced materials from companies that manufacture and ship their materials and products nearby. The cost of shipping a garage door across the world can negatively impact the environment. While this is one small step in creating a cleaner footprint, every bit helps.

#4) Choose Non-Toxic Carpet

Replacing the carpet is one of the most common upgrades that homeowners make before they sell a home. Carpet easily gets worn down within a few years and is considered an easy and cost-effective way to increase its appeal. However, as buyers become more environmentally-focused, sellers can choose carpet that makes their homes more attractive. Look for eco-friendly, non-toxic carpet. These carpets will absorb more heat, lowering your energy needs. They are also made with better materials that family members won’t get exposed to or breathe in. Non-toxic carpet is a big selling point for homebuyers who have small children or who are planning to in the future. These parents don’t want their kids crawling around on carpet that could be dangerous to their health.

#5) Consider Installing Solar Panels

The addition of solar panels is one of the most visible eco-friendly real estate improvements to your home. The impact on the environment is clear (you can get energy from the sun instead of through the local energy provider, which often uses coal or natural gas), and many homeowners will save money in the long run from the diminished electric bills. However, this is an investment. Solar panels aren’t cheap, and you may need to replace your roof before you can add new panels. That being said, the investment may be worth it. Homes that use solar energy spend an average of 50% less time on the market and can increase your home’s value by up to $20,000. This makes installing solar panels one of the biggest and most expensive sustainable home improvements to consider. You may decide to add solar panels if you plan to keep living in your home but may not see the value in adding them right before you sell your space. Research the increased resale value for solar in your area specifically before making this investment.

Identify Other Sustainable Home Improvements

At EffectiveAgents.com, we believe that home sellers who are prepared for the market will have more success, which is why we focus on education and information along with the selling process. We give home sellers the tools they need to find the right real estate agents to guide them through this life change. Check out our system, and find an agent who can recommend sustainable home improvements because they know what works for their clients. Photo credit: fran-hogan-BBTHpfv4Qss-unsplash

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