Spooky Season: Spirited Halloween-Themed Marketing Tips

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For real estate agents and real estate professionals, it’s advantageous to use seasonal trends and upcoming holidays as part of your marketing. It gives you a way to get creative as you appeal to buyers and sellers, and of course, the festivity is fun as well.  Consider the following Halloween-themed marketing events to grow your business and take advantage of a fun holiday that’s often overlooked. 

Do Your Own Trick-or-Treating 

Sometimes there’s nothing better than in-person, traditional door-to-door marketing to grow your real estate business and make yourself stand out among your competition. We often forget that traditional face-to-face marketing still holds value, even when there’s such a focus on digital marketing.  Think about reversing the typical trick-or-treat model, and instead of waiting for little ones to come to your door, go door-to-door in your area. You can create bags or little treats that you give you out and they can combine elements of Halloween fun with marketing for your real estate business. 

Attend Halloween Events in Your Community

Being a Realtor is all about getting out into the community and networking. Halloween and the entire fall season offer a plethora of easy ways to get involved in the community. Many schools and churches will hold fall and Halloween-themed events that you could sponsor or set up a table or booth at.  If you can’t find a community event that’s already happening, think about holding your own. Trunk-or-treats are an example of a Halloween event that families tend to love, and you can connect with the community.  All you need for a great trunk-or-treat is an open parking lot and a few participants who will help you hand out candy. 

Have a Costume Photo Contest

Hold a contest on your Instagram or Facebook so that parents or people in your community enter photos of their costumes, their children’s costumes or even their pets all dressed up. You can pick a winner and give out a prize. The great thing about a photo submission content on social media is the fact that many of the photos will be fun and sharable. Sharable content is always the goal of social media.  Beyond social media contests, there are other ways to bring Halloween into your marketing with community contests. For example, you could work with a restaurant or another local business and set up a contest related to Halloween with them.  If you can find local businesses to work with, it can help people start associating you with the neighborhood and will solidify you as an authority in the area. 

Hold a Haunted Open House

If you currently have a house on the market, why not create an open house that’s Halloween-themed? This is a great way to perhaps get not only people in the door who would be interested in that particular house but maybe other people who could become prospects.  Halloween is a fun time to change up your marketing a bit, get your name and face out a bit more and also show your creative side so take advantage of the season.

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