How to Sell a House Out of State: 6 Tips to Streamline Your Sale

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If you have recently inherited a house or needed to move quickly for a new job, then you could be in the complicated position of trying to sell a house out of state. It’s not easy to be in another state while juggling duties like sorting through offers, managing showings, and handling the legalities of home selling. There’s an easy way to sell a house out of state and a hard way. We’re here to make sure you take the easy way so the home selling process goes as smoothly as possible.

#1) Find a Realtor® You Can Trust

While you might know a couple Realtor®s in your area who you would work with to sell your home, it’s a whole different story when you need someone out of state. You likely aren’t familiar with the top real estate companies and the people who work for them. If you are trying to sell a house out of state, turn to a technology solution to find the top Realtors® for the job. Effective Agents uses an algorithm to scour a large database of Realtors® with information on the types of homes they sell, the regions they know the most about, and the types of people they work with. You can input specific criteria and filter through the results until you find your top fit. When you hire an out-of-state Realtor®, you are placing a good deal of trust in their abilities to list and sell your house. Make sure you find someone who you can rely on.  

#2) Set the List Price Based on Your Selling Goals

Some people aren’t in a hurry to sell. They will list the house for a high amount and wait to see if the market demand rises up to meet their goals. These people are okay keeping the house on the market for a few months and even relisting it for different prices. Other home sellers, on the other hand, want to sell the house quickly. Their goal is to move the house as soon as they can, meaning they are willing and able to negotiate with potential buyers. Many people who are trying to sell a house out of state are in the latter category. Talk to your Realtor® to set a pricing strategy. They can list the house for a fair price where you still profit. They can also work with buyers to negotiate costs so potential buyers don’t walk away. This way you don’t draw out the home sale over several months.

#3) Spend a Few Days In the House

Even if you are out of state, spend a weekend or even a week at the house preparing it to be listed. You will want to clean and pack as much as you can and ask your Realtor® about staging and upgrades. During this time, you may need to decide which upgrades you need to invest in to sell your home quickly or to increase the value of the home. For example, you will want to secure a lawn service so the yard isn’t overgrown and may need to schedule roof repairs so you don’t scare off potential buyers. You may want to paint a few walls or fix cosmetic issues around the house. After you leave, your Realtor® may be able to work with these contractors on your behalf, but you need to approve the expenses and the upkeep so your home gets sold.

#4) Determine Who You Are Marketing To

If you want to sell your house quickly, then you need to figure out how you will market it. For example, are you selling a family home in a good school district or a beach house in a retiree community? Look at the demographics and economy in the area and determine the best way to position your house. This will help you stage your home for showings and get your house in front of other Realtors® in the area.

#5) Schedule an Open House

Have your real estate agent schedule an open house right away. This is a great way to get dozens of Realtors® and potential home buyers in your house at once, increasing the chances that someone will want to buy it. Even if you don’t get an offer during your open house, you should notice an increase in showings as real estate agents bring their clients to see the house they’ve already been through.

#6) Consult With a Tax Specialist

Set up a call or consultation with a financial advisor or tax specialist in your state to review the property taxes and other expenses that come with selling a house. They can help you with taxes across state lines to make sure that the IRS doesn’t come calling shortly after you sell your home. If you inherited the house, then you may need to pay an estate tax on the property and other parts of the inheritance. Working with a professional can make the paperwork and legal processes easier so you stay on the right side of the law.  

Work With Effective Agents to Sell Your Out of State House

Don’t take on the added stress of trying to sell a house out of state on your own. Use Effective Agents to find a high-quality, expert real estate agent who specializes in the neighborhood of your house, even if it is out of state. The process will go so much easier when you work with someone who has the expertise and local knowledge that can help you get top dollar for your out of state property.

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