How to Choose a Realtor® When the Options Are Overwhelming

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It can be difficult to know how to choose a Realtor®. There are an estimated two million real estate agents around the country.  In June of this year, National Association of Realtors® membership reached an all-time high of more than 1.373 million, which was more than the number of Realtors before the financial crisis in October 2006. The problem, when it comes to choosing a Realtor®, isn’t finding someone—the options are plentiful. Instead, it can be a challenge to narrow down the options and find the right professional for your needs. "How to choose a Realtor®?" is one of the most important questions you can ask before hiring an agent. We'll lay the groundwork so that you can find a Realtor® the smart way, even if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the options.

Don’t Feel Pressured To Work With Friends Or Family

When you’re deciding on a Realtor®, you want someone that has tremendous experience in selling homes like yours. Hiring someone because they are family is a quick way to strain an important relationship.  Now, if you have a family member that has been in the business for years and they have seen a lot of success or it is widely known that they are extremely capable and skilled, this can work but there are a lot of potential landmines.  It's also presumptuous to expect a substantial discount from a friend or family member and these are difficult conversations.  If your family member has mentioned selling your home in the past and discussed a discount that makes this safer territory, if they haven't, tread cautiously because they may end up resenting you.

Look for Realtors® That Specialize in Your Neighborhood

Since there are so many real estate professionals and it can get overwhelming to narrow them down, a good way to do that is to go extremely local in your search. Look for Realtors® and agents that specialize not just in your city or even your area of the city, but your neighborhood. The more hyperlocal, the better in most cases.   Related: Don't Search For "Realtors Near Me" If You Want To Find Top Realtors

Consider the Support Team Behind a Realtor®

If you find a real estate agent who works for a well-known and reputable brokerage, it can be a good sign. Of course, there are great agents who might not work for a large brokerage, but when you find one it can show that they’re more likely to offer reliability and the availability that you need and want. When a Realtor® works has a large support team, they are better equipped to handle each step of the process making for a simpler overall experience on your end. 

Conduct Interviews

Don’t be afraid to ask several agents to interview, and be straightforward in the questions you ask. This can give you a good feel not just for chemistry, but who’s going to have a vision most similar to your own when it comes to your buying or selling experience. An interview process can allow you to make a decision based on your gut feeling, and a lot of times that’s going to be your best guide.  Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you have, and don’t avoid the tough questions. The goal when hiring a Realtor® shouldn’t be finding someone who’s going to promise you the world, but rather someone straightforward, realistic and honest.  Related: What to Expect (and Do) During Your First Meeting with a Realtor

How to Choose a Realtor®: Use Effective Agents Search

If you’re in the process of searching for the perfect top-selling Realtor®, consider EffectiveAgents® as your go-to resource. We analyze transaction data over the previous 12 months, key performance indicators and thousands of verified reviews for every request.  We believe that every home has a perfect Realtor® and that thorough performance analysis is the perfect way to pair agents and homes. 

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