Home Design Tips to Fall For This Season

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Fall can be a favorite season for a lot of us. It represents the time where we’re maybe spending more time at home with family, cooking and enjoying the events of the season. You’re back from your summer travels, and you might be in nesting mode once again. This makes it the ideal time cozy-up your home décor and your exterior décor as well. The following are essential fall decorating and design ideas to implement in the coming weeks. 

Start with the Exterior and Entryway

The exterior and interior entryways of your home are the first things people see, and when it comes to exterior design, it can also boost your home’s curb appeal. Give your outdoor fall decorations depth and dimension by layering them and incorporating rich color palettes. For example, maybe you add mums going up your front porch steps for a stacked look.  You can also add a fall-themed wreath to your front door for a pop of color. Multi-colored gourds and pumpkins can also be easily integrated into a front porch fall display. To give items height and create a stacked looked even without porch stairs, use something like hay as a base. What’s great about an outdoor fall display is that it doesn’t have to be perfect—in fact, the less perfect, the better. You just want richness and color. 

Incorporate Natural Décor and Accessories Into Your Home’s Interior 

The fall is about a natural and rustic feeling, so bring this into your home. Options include floral arrangements that are fall-themed, or you can add greenery.  Creating a fall-themed centerpiece on your dining table is a good way to add fall flair, and it doesn’t have to be all orange. Yes, we often think about orange and fall as going hand-in-hand, but you can opt for something like deep shades of purple and plum or even neutrals such as cream-colored gourds or white pumpkins. You can also use materials that have a natural texture, such as burlap as a table runner.  Find inspiration outdoors in your backyard, or at your local farmers market. 

Change Your Soft Accessories

Soft accessories can include items like throw blankets and pillows on your sofa, chairs, and beds throughout your home. When it’s fall, an inexpensive and easy change to make is swapping out some of these items. Velvet and plaid are two good options for your fall soft home accessories.  Layered pillows and blankets also exude a sense of warmth and coziness, which is why they’re an integral part of fall decorating Accent rugs can also be an inexpensive way to add a feeling of fall festiveness into your home, and you can easily change them out with the seasons. 

Revamp Your Mantle

Finally, to add some fall festivity to your mantle, think about adding a rustic basket with extra throw blankets, or maybe hanging fall-themed banners across your mantle. You can also incorporate fall candles or arrangements here, as it is the focal point of your living room in many cases.  If you need a top-selling realtor for any reason this fall season, let EffectiveAgents® connect you with one of the best professionals in your area.

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