Fabulous Floors: The Trends in Flooring for 2021

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Whether you’re planning to be a home buyer in the future and you’re searching for your dream home, you’re making upgrades to your existing home to prepare to sell it, or you simply want to give your current home a facelift, flooring can be a great place to start.  In fact, new flooring can breathe new life into a home, even if that’s the only update you make.  So what are the big trends right now that aren’t just stylish but are also functional and will be an investment you can comfortably make for the long-term?

Wood-Inspired Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile can be relatively inexpensive, and it’s very durable and easy to clean which are a few reasons you might be rejoicing when you hear this first trend. Porcelain tile that looks like wood is very realistic, and you don’t have to think about scratching or a lot of the damage that wood floors are subject to.  It’s not just wood-inspired tile that’s popular either—increasingly homeowners are adding engineered flooring products on top of real, natural wood because it’s easier from a maintenance standpoint.  Porcelain tile that looks like marble is another favorite trend. You get that wonderful classic look for a significantly lower price.  Engineered products including not only porcelain tile but also vinyl planks don’t just create a beautiful look—they’re also waterproof, so they work well in places that less durable materials might not. 

Sustainably Sourced Materials

Sustainably-sourced flooring isn’t necessarily a look but it is a trend. More and more homeowners and homebuyers are eco-conscious and they want homes that reflect that.  As far as natural wood floors, opt for products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. They have standards in place for responsible forest management, and the floors are finished with non-toxic products. 

Cool Tones

Whether you want real wood flooring or an engineered product, cool tones are having their time in the spotlight right now. This includes dark browns, gray and lighter floors that don’t have yellow tones.  Along with an absence of yellow undertones, you’ll likely see red undertones are out as well. 

Painted Floors

If you’re bold and adventurous with your interior style, you might be willing to try out this trend. Painted hardwood floors can be a solid color or a pattern, and you can repaint them when you want a different look, or they need maintenance. 

Graphic Patterns

If you have a smaller space, such as a hall bathroom or a laundry room, you might want to embrace the trend of small tiles with graphic or geometric patterns. The patterns are often either flower-inspired or entirely geometric, and they are a great way to add a distinctive pop in your home. 

Herringbone Patterns

Herringbone floor patterns are so beautiful, classic, and elegant but they somehow still manage to look modern. Herringbone can work well in a home of any general style, and it works well with many different wood species. You can also use a herringbone pattern with your tile.  Finally, what about area rugs? Area rugs are massively popular right now, and it makes sense. Area rugs let you add color or pattern to your floors very easy, created distinct spaces even within an open concept, and they protect the floor underneath. Rugs are also easy to swap out when you’re ready.  If you’re ready to explore your options for buying or selling, EffectiveAgents.com can help.

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