Clever Ways to Make the Most of Your Home’s Space

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Whether you’ve just bought a new home or you’re looking for ways to make better use of the space in your existing home, it can be a challenge. Most of us would like more space for storage and livability, but we’re not sure how to make that happen.  The following are some tips and hacks to maximize what you have available.

The Kitchen

The kitchen can be the most challenging room of the house when it comes to maximizing space. When you feel like your kitchen is overwhelmed with “stuff,” the space might not be as functional as it could be.  A few key tips for more effectively making use of your kitchen space include:
  • Use your cabinet doors: Add storage such as shelves to your inner cabinet doors so you can add items such as spices, cooking oils or other things you need to access. You can do the same with the inside of your pantry door. 
  • Use wall space: A lot of times, the wall space in our kitchens goes unused, but incorporate storage onto your walls. For example, add some floating shelves so you can store items like cookbooks or additional flatware. Then, the shelves can pull double-duty if you add hooks on the underside for mugs. 
  • Integrate rolling shelves: When you have deep cabinets, it’s extremely challenging to access what’s in the back or even know what you have in there, so add some rolling shelves that you can pull out for easy accessibility. 
  • Add risers: If you add risers into your cabinets it can help you separate your items so they’re not all part of one big stack, and you can better use vertical space.

Living Room

Since your living room may be where your family spends most of their time, it might quickly also be the place where clutter finds a home. Take back control of your living room space with these tips:
  • Choose multi-functional furniture: When you’re choosing living room furniture, particularly if the room is on the smaller side, try to find pieces that have multiple functions. As an example, choose a coffee table with built-in hidden storage, or use nested end tables that you can then pull out if you need additional space. 
  • Go upward: Going vertical and using wall space is a good hack to maximize space in any room of your home, including the living room. Add vertical shelving so that you can store more items without taking up valuable floor space. Using vertical storage can also draw the eye up and make a room feel taller and bigger. 
  • Consider your furniture arrangement: The ways you arrange living room furniture can make the space feel bigger (or smaller). Avoid blocking light and use small-scale furniture. Make use of corners rather than putting your largest pieces of furniture in the middle of a room, and if you entertain frequently, perhaps have a set of stools or folding chairs you can put away and pull out as needed.


When you have a small bedroom, think of it as cozy instead. To make good use of the space, and prevent a cluttered feeling, think about the following:
  • Use space under the bed: Stuffing everything under your bed may seem like what you did as a child when you were cleaning your room, but in reality, you should absolutely make use of that space. You can use containers specifically designed to slide under the bed, or you can even choose a modular bed with built-in storage options underneath. 
  • Organize your dresser drawers: The more items you can fit into the dresser, the better. You can use vacuum seal bags for those bulky out-of-season items, and you can also use drawer dividers to keep things streamlined and easy to find. 
  • Use multi-purpose furniture: Just as it’s a good idea to find furniture that can pull double duty in your living room, try and do the same in your bedroom. For example, choose nightstands with drawers for added storage. 
  • Consider a wardrobe wall: If you have a really small bedroom, you might think about a shallow wardrobe wall. It can seem counterintuitive to take up an entire wall in an already small room, but in reality, it can give you a chic way to organize and hide a lot of items without having to put in a lot of clunky furniture. 
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