A New Way to Give Back, to the American Cancer Society

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EffectiveAgents.com has forged a partnership with The American Cancer Society to create a custom platform that donates a percentage of real estate transactions to the battle against cancer. The leadership at EffectiveAgents.com understands that in the wake of Covid-19, donations to causes such as cancer research and treatment have reduced. Therefore, they have developed a system to leverage donations, increasing resources to fight this disease that affects millions diagnosed in the U.S. each year. “We’re thrilled to have the support of EffectiveAgents.com to help us in the fight against cancer,” said Brant Woodward, American Cancer Society Southeast Region executive vice president. “We can’t and won’t allow progress in cancer research, programs and services to be put on hold because of COVID-19. At risk are more and better treatments and discoveries that will improve and save lives.” EffectiveAgents.com agents are located all over the nation, serving their clients in their local communities, transacting billions of dollars annually. Home buyers and sellers come through the platform where they are referred to hand-picked agents to facilitate their real estate deal. After the closing, EffectiveAgents.com will donate an amount, commensurate to the value of the transaction, to the American Cancer Society. “This partnership between EffectiveAgents.com and the American Cancer Society is something unique, leveraging the profits in real estate transactions to benefit the fight against cancer,” said Sara Gross, American Cancer Society Southeast Region, account manager, corporate relations. “We are excited about the potential to grow this philanthropic opportunity together.” This is a personal mission for EffectiveAgents.com founder, Kevin Stuteville. The concept for the company was established out of sheer desperation as Kevin’s stepfather passed away from his battle with cancer, leaving Kevin’s mom struggling. She had a home that she needed to sell quickly, but this was during a mortgage crisis and houses just were not selling. After trying several agents to no avail, Stuteville stepped in to help his mom. He had to create a solution to find the right realtor to sell his mother’s home, armed with only a deep understanding of how to collect and interpret data that provides amazing solutions. Stuteville got to work, and he compiled data on local realtors and their performance, developing a complex, proprietary algorithm to select an agent who has the greatest probability of producing the right results. This combination of key datasets has now been perfected to match sellers with the best realtors for their market nationwide. The EffectiveAgents.com algorithm analyzes millions of real estate agents across the US, distilling that down to the top 1%. The agents selected by EffectiveAgents.com have been thoroughly vetted and have repeatedly shown themselves to be the most successful agents in a given market. Over 10 years, EffectiveAgents.com has become the largest real estate broker in Florida, with over 8000% in growth. For those looking for the absolute best agents to help buy or sell a home, navigate to www.effectiveagents.com/acs . EffectiveAgents.com will then donate a percentage of your transaction to the American Cancer Society to support life-saving cancer research and treatments.

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