7 Ways to Bring Your Fall and Halloween Décor to the Next Level

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Fall is the perfect time to integrate some seasonal décor into your home, both inside and out. You can go for a warm, cozy feeling or something a little spookier. The following are some general tips for fall and Halloween décor that’s chic but also fun and festive. 
  • Reconsider the Traditional Pumpkin

Instead of going with traditional orange pumpkins, why not do white or light green or use gourds? These lighter neutral colors still give you the fall feeling, but they’re more versatile, and you can carry them over into the rest of the fall rather than getting rid of them when Halloween is over.  The monochromatic look is beautiful right now, as well. For example, your inside and outside décor might be a combination of white pumpkins and white mums or a similar aesthetic.  Another way to rethink traditional pumpkins is to carve simple geometric patterns into them rather than the usual designs. It feels fresh and modern.
  • Layer Your Porch Décor

The exterior entryway or porch of a home is often the focal point of Halloween decorating. You want it to feel rich and multi-dimensional, so add different layers. For example, add pumpkins going up each of your steps to your front door combined with seasonally-appropriate potted plants like mums. You can also use leaves and wreaths to add more dimension and visual interest to the décor at the front of your home. 
  • Accessorize with Pillows and Blankets
You can’t redo all of your home décor every time the seasons change, but you can make small alterations. For example, use fall-themed throw pillows on your beds and sofas, and add richly textured throw blankets to warm up the spaces in your home. 
  • Incorporate Natural Textures

Natural textures and earthy accents are great for fall. This can include fall-themed flower arrangements, wreaths made of materials like wheat for a subtle hint of fall, succulents, and fabrics such as linen.  For example, you could use a linen tablecloth and add gourds and other natural elements as your centerpiece. A wheat bouquet can also be beautiful for fall, and it’s low maintenance and will work well all the way through to winter. 
  • Rethink Your Color Palette

The colors most often used for fall decorating include the obligatory orange, as well as reds and browns, but there are other color palettes to consider too. For example, rich purple jewel tones and burgundies are very fall-esque, as are bronze and other shades of metallic. 
  • Revamp Your Interior Staircase

If you have an interior staircase, it’s also a great place for Halloween and fall décor. You can do pumpkins lining the staircase for something a bit more understated, or you can go all-out spooky. This includes spiderwebs, fall foliage along the rail, or playful additions like bats. 
  • Lighting and Candles

Fall is a time that’s about being at home and enjoy warmth and coziness. Add candles in different areas of your fall décor to create that atmosphere. You can also add twinkling lights along your staircase or your mantle to warm up your home.  Ultimately, decorating for Halloween and the fall season should be about fun and capturing the personality of the people who live in your home. Whether you want a luxurious, decadent feel or you want something fun and festive, experiment and find what you love.  If you want to connect with a leading Realtor in your area, EffectiveAgents® can help.

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