7 Fixes You Should Do Before Listing Your Home for Sale

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To repair or not? You may be preparing to list your home for sale, and you’re not sure which of those lingering repairs and fixes you should make before doing so, and which you should let go. As you decide what to repair and how much time and money to spend, consider a few things.  First, what’s the market like? Will you be likely to see a return on your investment if you make the repairs? What are buyers most likely to notice versus the repairs that are probably not going to stand out much? Do you want buyers to see your home as a fixer-upper or move-in ready? If you know that you want to do at least some repairs, below are seven that tend to be most important to buyers and make the most impact. 

1. Paint

Paint is one of the easiest fixes you can make to your home, it can be a DIY project, and it tends to have an impact on buyers. When you’re going to be listing your home, go in the direction of light, neutral colors. You should focus on repainting rooms that currently have dark paint, or paint that’s dingy or chipped. If you have any rooms with wallpaper, you might want to go ahead and take that down and add a fresh coat of paint as well. 

2. Appliances

If you have any appliances that are broken, in terrible shape or visibly outdated, think about replacing them. Buyers don’t want to move in and immediately have to start replacing the oven or the dishwasher. 

3. Damaged Floors

If you have flooring that’s damaged or in bad condition, it should be repaired or replaced before you put your home on the market. This could include wood flooring that’s very scratched and dinged up, or old, dirty carpet. If you have carpet, you might opt for a new type of flooring altogether or at least replace it with fresh, new carpet. If you have hardwoods, you might think about refinishing them. 

4. Water Stains

If you’ve experienced a plumbing issue in your home that created water stains, chances are you’ve gotten so used to them you don’t even think about it. Buyers won’t feel the same way. Water stains can create anxiety as well as being unsightly. Potential buyers start to worry about what caused them. If you have them, first make sure you’ve fixed the problem that created them, and then do the repair work. Maybe it’s as simple as a new coat of paint, or you might need to replace a portion of your ceiling, which isn’t as costly or time-consuming as it might sound. 

5. Grout

If you have grout anywhere in your home and it’s dirty or cracked, take some time for a weekend project to make it look clean and new. Re-grouting your bathroom is an incredibly easy and inexpensive project that can change the appearance of the room fairly dramatically.  

6. Landscaping

The first thing buyers see is the exterior of your home. If you have landscaping that’s dead, overgrown, or nonexistent, you should think about doing some work before you list your home. Just some cosmetic changes can go a long way. You might think about planting new grass or adding some fresh mulch or pine straw to your beds. If there are limbs that are hanging down, trim them and your shrubs as well. Just a few new plants and cleanup of your lawn can significantly increase the curb appeal of your home. 

7. Exterior Paint

Just like you might need to refresh your home with interior paint, consider doing the same on the exterior. You might want to add a fresh coat to your home’s entire exterior, or just focus on areas like your front door and shutters. While you’re out there, repair any damaged window screens. If you’d like to sell your home, EffectiveAgents.com can connect you with a top-selling Realtor® to help you every step of the way. Photo Credit: Photo by Fran Hogan on Unsplash

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