6 Ways to Create an Outdoor Oasis

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One of the primary preferences many homebuyers have right now is plenty of outdoor space. In fact, some buyers and, in particular, millennials are willing to forego that extra bedroom for a bigger yard. There’s a preference for outdoor living spaces and usable outdoor areas that allow homeowners to bring their lives inside or out. If you have outdoor space but you’re not sure how to maximize its use, the following are some ways to get started. 

1. Design Your Deck

Your deck (or patio) is a good place to start when you’re designing the outdoor space of your dreams. This is a well-defined space and contained, so it’s easier to give it that cozy feeling you may want to achieve. When you’re designing your deck, think about designing an indoor living room. Define different zones for different purposes. For example, maybe you have a dining area and a seating area. If you have neighbors nearby and you’d like more privacy, think plenty of plants and vines. 

2. Add a Patio

If you don’t already have a deck or patio, a patio can be a great addition. A patio can also be less expensive to build and install than a deck. A patio can become an outdoor room, as well. Think about adding texture with the use of natural stone. Pavers are a good addition to an outdoor space as well because they’re less expensive than installing a concrete slab, and if one breaks you can just replace it without replacing an entire slab. 

3. Consider the Elements

When you’re adding livability to your outdoor space, you will have to contend with the elements, which isn’t a consideration indoors. You’ll want to make sure you choose furniture and other items that are durable and designed for outdoor use. You’ll also want to consider how you’ll make these spaces more comfortable if the weather is extreme. For example, you might have a shade structure over your patio to block the harsh sun, or you could add an outdoor fireplace to stay warm in the winter months. 

4. Create Ambiance with Lighting

When improving any outdoor space, ambient lighting can go a long way. You can use a layered lighting concept with lights that line the pathways in the front or side of your home, and in the back you can also highlight landscaping, and use something like string lights or lanterns in your seating or entertaining areas. 

5. Keep Your Lawn Healthy

No matter how beautiful your outdoor design is, if your lawn isn’t healthy, it’s not going to look fabulous. When it comes to lawn care, if you want your grass to grow green and healthy there are a few tips you should follow. First, you should aerate it. When you aerate your lawn it helps with air circulation so your grass can better utilize water and nutrients. Water your lawn deeply, but less frequently, and recycle your grass clippings. Also consider composting your kitchen waste to boost the green shade of your grass. 

6. The Perfect Plants

Finally, when you’re planning out an outdoor remodeling project, you want your lawn to feel lush and abundant. When you’re planting in your lawn itself, look for plants that work well together but have physical variation. You can also use containers for shrubs and trees to make a big impact.  Are you ready to start your search for your dream yard? If so, contact EffectiveAgents.com today.

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