5 Interior Trends to Look Out For in 2021

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Keeping up with interior trends can help you sell your home. A few key choices in your paint and styling can present your home as a modern, updated option for buyers. You can present a desirable lifestyle and attract specific demographics to place bids on your home. Updating your home to accommodate the latest interior trends is all part of the staging process. Home staging can help you get more offers and drive more interest in a home over a shorter period of time. In short, you need to invest in your house if you want to make it appealing to others. Check out these five interior trends for 2020 that you can use when staging your house or preparing it for sale.

#1) 2021 Gets 2 New Colors of the Year

In 2021, PANTONE brought together two distinct colors for its “Color of the Year selection: ‘PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray’ and 'PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating' as the 2021 Pantone Color of the Year. The gray is meant to symbolize thoughtfulness and reflection while the yellow is optimistic like sunshine. Expect to see this color in kitchens accentuating farmhouse sinks, or in bedrooms to contrast with clean, white sheets. Grays have been emerging as a neutral tone in design elements for some time, and coupled with a splash of yellow cheery optimism is a perfect pairing to ring in the new year.

#2) Simple Neutrals Make Big Statements

Neutral colors have been popular for a while now, so some designers might not consider them to be a new trend. However, people keep changing how they use neutrals and which types they use. For example, more people are using warmer undertones, looking for whites or tans that add energy to a space rather than create a relaxing vibe. This allows designers to draw the eye to centerpieces and other decor within a room. The neutral Gray of 2021 has been popular for some time, and some people are using it in dramatic ways. You can paint an accent wall gray or yellow or duotone if you’re daring. Gray and yellow accessories contrast a warm neutral room. Neutral colors also make it easier to sell a home, as your buyers can see what they would like to do with various rooms without the distractions of more colorful paints and decor. Related: Paint a Room Fast: 5 Tips for Making Touch-Ups Before You Sell

#3) Create Intensity With Dramatic Styles

Interior designers love having a flair for the dramatic, which is why many people are excited to embrace the trend of glamorous designs. Just because you live in a small condo doesn’t mean you can’t choose heavy pieces and dark paint colors. You can make any room feel like it is on the set of a soap opera or dreamy period piece. Consider finding a piece of furniture or home accessories that you love and designing a room around it. This could be as simple as a strand of pearls or as significant as an antique bed frame. Let your personality and the drama of the space guide your design choices. Related: Leverage Current Design Trends to Help Sell Your Home Quicker

#4) Upcycling Can Redesign Your Home Fast

One of the best things about interior trends coming in and out is that you can find outdated trends in thrift shops that have come around to be cool again. For example, furniture related to mid-century modern designs are in, along with taking older items and upcycling them with a few small tweaks. If you are looking to stage your house for sale, head to the thrift store or check out your local online marketplaces. You can also visit a few garage or estate sales in your area. These are great places to find pieces for just a few dollars that you can upcycle or modify in order to sell your home. Plus, by not paying much for this furniture, you won’t feel bad giving them away or selling them after you sell your space.

#5) Eclectic Decor Is Back (Sellers Beware)

Call it what you want: boho-chic, hipster, eclectic, or unique. Whatever name you choose, this trend is back. It is now on trend to fill your home with a variety of contrasting colors, pillows, patterns, designs and items that you can’t find anywhere else. Yet, a little can go a long way. While designing your home in an eclectic manner can certainly be fun, it may not be the best choice for someone looking to sell their home. Your potential buyers could get distracted by the colors or unique light fixtures and knick-knacks that you pick up. Plus, you will also have to move with all of these items and accessories after you sell, which will be a burden you wouldn’t need if you opted for a simple, neutral design. By all means, enjoy the fun and bright designs that come with eclectic styling, but maybe just use a couple of accent pieces in your staging. You could also consider waiting until you are in your new home to fully invest in this style.

Ask Your Realtor®  About Home Staging and Interior Trends

If you are considering selling your home, talk to your Realtor® about how you can stage your space to make it more appealing to buyers. They may have a few ideas to create a more neutral environment that uses less clutter. Keep these interior trends in mind to make your home seem more modern and enticing for prospective buyers. If you’d like to partner with a top Realtor® in your real estate journey, contact EffectiveAgents.com today. Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash    

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